Bruce Jenner, Caitlyn Jenner and Change

The most backward point of view I have noticed regarding the transgender lifestyle is that the choice to have surgery itself is in direct opposition to the statement most use to defend such an action. “They are just being who they really are”. Such a beautiful sentiment everyone should embrace!…but when you go out of your way, paying thousands on thousands of dollars to change everything about yourself you cease to uphold the ideal of being proud of who you are. You spit in the face of plus size models who are lovely women, you belittle even the people in the homosexual community who hold the pride parades, whether or not you realize it. Maybe some people truly believe in their heart of hearts that they are fundamentally flawed and have to fix it. Why not encourage them to be proud of who they are as a man, a father, a husband, and an inspiration to others just as they are. Will people still want to hide and change themselves if we stop telling them they’re broken? We are all broken. Believe what you want. Thats the beauty of free will. I believe Jesus really is who he claimed to be, the son of the Creator whom thousands of eyewitnesses saw perform countless documented and undocumented wonders. If you really want to say something to Bruce, or Caitlyn, or whatever anyone chooses to call themselves, say Jesus was real, and He really did amazing things because, “Since the children have flesh and blood, he too shared in their humanity so that by his death he might destroy him who holds the power of death—that is ‘the devil’—and FREE those who all their lives were held in slavery by their fear of death.” Hebrews 2:14,15

Let people live how they want, it is not my purpose or yours to control others. Our only purpose is to be messengers of truth and life to the lost, the hungry and alone. Read the Word to someone, more importantly read what Jesus himself said in all the scriptures and then think about what you are doing to those people who need the True Love, and ask yourself if you are showing it. Pointing at others and spouting what you or I may or may not see as a flaw is not love. Point at Jesus instead. He is love. I am a messenger, not a teacher or a prophet. Just as none of you are teachers of the Word. We are learners. We are lovers. We are brothers and sisters. We are presenters of truth. Nothing more, nothing less. What others choose to do with the truth is up to them.


The Ones

People are one in a million, turns out there are billions so one in a million isn’t as rare

As the ones who stick it out and prove that they care.

The ones who stay up and talk all night just to help keep us sane through our joy and our plight.

The ones who follow and the ones who will lead, the ones who would not hesitate if the moment came to bleed.

The ones who are worth it will stand and be strong, and if we fall down they won’t give up, no matter how long.

They will help us back to our feet at our worst, even if we begin to believe we be cursed.

The ones who value their lives with me, the ones who live on when they’re gone with the breeze.

The ones who will live, laugh, cry, love and share; every momentous and minuscule piece of my life and theirs;

 Our souls laid bare.

The ones who are willing to come rest with me, when life is rough and huge as a tree.

The ones I don’t mind driving hours to see, and the ones who don’t mind doing as much for me.

They are the ones who are worth it,

to me.


Be worth it to someone today

Thoughts Chapter 4: Can’t Sleep Version

Unfortunately we never get it quite right. People in general. That’s why relationships aren’t easy. Just worth it when you’re with the right person. “But I’m not feelin it right now…” Yeah that happens in every relationship. Its a choice to continue or move on that makes or breaks the greats. Is he worth it? Is she? What are you looking for? The person you fall in love with won’t be completely the same in 5 years. Just because you aren’t feelin him/her right now doesn’t mean you won’t be later. And just because you like someone in the beginning doesn’t mean you’ll like them later either. That’s why we must look for qualities like integrity and respect and honesty and trust instead of faces or quirks. Even good qualities evolve and change as time progresses. Its not going to be sunshine and roses all the time. If you’re looking for that,  you’ll have a very long string of very short relationships.

Now, let’s see if I can get some sleep.

Grace and Peace,


Get to Knowing!

Ohai there. Nice of you to click the link!

I have thought of writing a bit on this topic before but have not gotten around to it til now for whatever reason. I was in a class this evening and we were discussing how people make choices.

I believe we see our actions through sifferent lenses at different points in time during our various situations among our myriad of surroundings. Its hard to remain objective about such subjective questions. What questions?

“Who am i?”

and my favorite ponderance to direct and maintain my mind’s focus on the goal …

“Who do I want to be?”

I have been pondering on ways to keep myself accountable to, well, me for a while now. One way I have noticed keeps me straigjt and they may help yoi learn about yourself and what you want or do not want is to sit down and write out boundary lines you do not want to cross. Especially with relationships. This works with diets, study or work habits, or millions of other goals we set or habits we want to create or break as well.

So who are you? What are you willing to do for those you care about, or even strangers. What is too much? Set your boundaries and be assertive if someone gets too close to the line you have drawn. Make sure your spouse, bf or gf, friends you party with, family you eat too much with, or anyone else who you come in contact with KNOW YOUR BOUNDARIES. Then if the line is neared, it will be that much easier for you to stay solid on your beliefs or values or what have you. You may be thinking, “C’mon fella, it is not that simple!” Why not? Setting and keeping boundaries really is that easy. It is all a matter of perspective. How strong we perceive ourselves to be is probably one of the biggest issues that causes us to give in. Letting other people’s perception of what is better for you or them in that moment can make you unsure, and in the confusion, it is easier to fail. Make your boundary line the foundation for a wall no army can penetrate. The people who see you hold the wall will have so much more respect for you, they will learn pushing against that wall is pointless and perhaps you will even inspire a few to do the same! Some may not appreciate your self control and will continue pushing your boundaries and tempting you to break. Do not let them redraw your line. I believe in you.  Be assertive, think, pray, meditate or skip rocks or whatever you do, but do it with intention and focus. Figure out your boundaries and you will be one step closer to the man or woman you want to be. Who are you?

Share this if you think I’m not crazy…and for everyone else who isn’t my mom, please like and share anyway because it makes me feel good 🙂 Thanks!

Grace and Peace,


Having a Revelation Up in Here

While working yesterday as most people were off having barbecues and pool parties for Labor Day, I had a revelation of Spirit which i would not have learned had I been anywhere else. Cool how God uses where we are to teach.
All my life I’ve tried to be a good guy for ladies I’ve dated and people I have interacted with in general. Respectful, in control of my temper, in control of my body, trying not to focus on sexuality or have relationships based on that and I look around now and feel like I have no one about me that cares. Of course I have good friends and family I can talk to and laugh with and share many great memories and adventures with, which is in itself an incredible blessing, but it is not the same. Any of you who have true love know this to be true and my truest love pushed away and obliterated me from her life. I have been thinking, if this is what happens from fighting my sinful nature, (and often have i lost that battle, but each time I learn more about winning and have begun to avoid some traps altogether), why on earth should I continue battling to be a decent guy? Why not just give in and go looking for a different girl at every club and bar? Why would I continue fighting urges and not allow myself to be a womanizer or drunkard or stoner or layabout and just focus on getting mine? I asked myself, why? God asked me why I do what I do also. I am at this junction so I can answer Him. Will I strive to be a better quality of man for an incredible woman, or will I do it for Him when there is no woman to love, protect and uplift? I am stronger because of this and because God put me here to learn of my true motivation and to show me what that is and why it is worth it. I have been brought here because God wanted me to know my real reasons. Thank you my friends for showing me who I do not want to become, for being with me through my heartbreak and for talking openly with me and helping me to realize why exactly I want to be more than the world’s standard of guy, more than my own standard of what a man should be. Love of a woman isn’t enough to keep any man on the straight and narrow. No one person should be responsible for all that. People act rashly and run away when afraid or hurt, and sometimes for no reason at all. We all have let people down. I cannot think of anyone I have ever not disappointed in some small way or other. Can you? Because we are not perfect. That is why life and love are about forgiveness. It does not matter  how many times or how badly someone has “let me down.” People will let me down, I will let others down and if they are my only motivator, even a strong love with a beautiful girl like her can become fruitless and the sand will shift and fall away. I want to be more because God loves me more. I let her down and perhaps she thought she let me down too, i do not know but given the chance, I would prove my love for God through Christ to her and be the best for Him. Without that chance for her, I will put my goals in God’s hands anyway and not be consumed by lust or pain or sorrow or lethargy.

That old cliche “If you truly love something set it free” is true. When you really love someone you care about their happiness and joy. When two people in a relationship love each other they put their partner’s desires first and in doing so, they each get what they wanted after all, their love to be fruitful, passionate, happy and working to achieve goals. So, let your love be free. Whatever their definition of freedom. Let them have fun and live and make new friends. Do not let jealousy or fear of losing them get the best of you. Love them for their Style, their faith, their courage, their personality. Love all of these things when they change, because we all change. You arent the same person you were 3 years ago and in another 5 you wont be the same you are today. If they want to dress differently than youre used to, don’t freak out, grow and appreciate their style. Its just clothes. Its the inside that counts 😉

Let them grow in their own life as they choose. You can grow together while separate and separately while together. If you are protecting their heart, trust they will protect yours. Thats love. Two ropes intertwined to create a stronger rope woven of respect, trust, forgiveness, loyalty, freedom, and so much more beauty than words can express. When one strand is frayed or worn, the other supports and strengthens it until it can be mended. As long as God is holding that rope, it can bear any weight.
God is the mender, the great healer and your rope will not snap so long as you look to Him to keep it strong.

I love you

Grace and Peace,


Gathering dust

Do not leave behind Love, to chase after lust. Love is a rock, a foundation to build and learn, lust is empty; a hollow shell of dust and smoke, once caught, lust crumbles and you stand, covered in filth, alone.

If love has been left, find it again. Lessons are proven learned when we lead our hearts to a place of healing. Leave the dry ash of lust where it lay, blown away to collect on some other unguarded temple.


We can lust after many things, not all of them sexually. We lust after money, power, women, men, cars, houses, and anything else we do not have. The “grass is always greener on the other side” syndrome afflicts us all in some form or other. But we have been tricked, the grass only appears greener on the other side, as though a veil is between us and the adjacent pasture to hinder our vision and cause us to wander. A field is truly greener where we water and care for it. It flourishes where we spend time and effort to ensure its well-being. Just like in Colorado, US where there is no grass that is manicured in the wild, when left to the elements, abandoned, grass dies and withers into the arid, rocky soil. Eventually discarded lawns appear as only a shadow of the beauty they once held. Yet any lawn yearns for a gardener. Every blade thirsting for the smallest bit of attention to bring forth new life. Better than before.

From the failures of the past do we learn to provide what is needed for healthy and lush growth. Have I lost you? Still talking about love over here, I like this metaphor. Maybe some weeds need to be pulled or new seeds sown to produce fruit in your lawn. Maybe you are wandering in the desert looking for a home to begin anew, perhaps you had a lawn and the veil between pastures pulled you in and swallowed you whole. Perhaps that veil is easier escaped than you think. It is all up to you.


Human contact is rapidly taking the forefront as one of the most essential pieces of life being lost in ‘1st-world’ societies all over the planet. In countries where technology soars, true conversations are being lost to words on a screen. We are losing an essential factor in maintaining our health and happiness. We abandon real people and the relationships that take time and commitment to culture into lasting bonds for electrical impulses saying we have more ‘friends’ and ‘followers’ than ever before. The potential for people to interact and stay in communication is greater now than this Earth has ever known, and what do we do? We hide behind our walls and TV screens, our computers and cellphones. Many of us fear authentic intimacy, or more often, we fear the possibility of rejection from our kind so much we do not even try to initiate conversation in person. We drive in our fiberglass and steel boxes watching so many around us do the same day in, day out, over and over again, mere feet away from us, yet they may as well be on the other end of the planet. I cannot begin to count how many times I have attempted to greet someone walking down the street or standing in a line only to be ignored completely. A great many of us avoid eye contact at all costs and even take a different route than we may have originally intended to prevent another from attempting to reach out to us. I have no idea why that is. We have become foreigners, aliens among friends.

Human contact, especially touch, reduces stress levels and even helps prevent chronic stress and fatigue. I have a laptop in front of me at this moment, writing to you, and I can honestly say I would throw this hunk of hardware out the window in a moment for a hug from a real person before I tuck in for bed tonight. I know life is hard, but it is easier and by far more beautiful when lived connected to those around you. The warmth we feel from a compassionate touch goes much further than the nerves in our bodies. A touch can stir a soul to sing, to dance, to write, to run, to go to any length to protect, to serve, and to love.

Touch is communication. Holding her hand, massaging his shoulders, tickling, caressing, poking, pushing, punching, shoving, pulling, and carrying all convey a different message at different times. We lose much when we put aside contact for blinking lights and buzzing bricks in our pockets that only make us desire true contact more than ever. So many lonely people, so many who cry at home while staring at their ‘friend’ list, my heart breaks for all of those who have no one and who think they have no one while being surrounded by many. 7 billion people walking the lands and we do not even know who lives next door.

Do not take your family for granted, do not betray your friends and other loved ones. If they are gone, you will feel it. Appreciate the love others share with you, and if you believe you are unloved, open your eyes, open your heart, and look at how you love. Do you love? Do you communicate when you have a problem, or do you lock it away and perhaps speak to every person you see except the one with which you take issue? That needs to be remedied. Gossiping makes trouble where there may be none and staying silent allows the space between grow. When the world gets too heavy, try sharing the weight. It may surprise you how much lighter it feels when your shoulders are not the only set under the burden.

Reach out, relate, communicate, conversate, hug, kiss, love, disconnect from your electronics and reconnect with flesh and bone. Create new friendships, new relationships, revive old ones where you are able and never let them go. Go to a concert, watch a sunrise or set, go for a hike, a walk, a ride, hold hands, show people you care and open their hearts, as well as your own, to what it means to experience contact.

Much love, so very much love rolling out to you