Knights and Damsels

I have seen so many relationship posts all over the social media sites lately its disheartening. Has it always been this way and we simply are more aware of it now as people’s lives become more public knowledge than private matter? Have men and women always played with each other like yo-yos? Pulling that string and watching someone else jump right back into their hand? Im disgusted. Where are the days of courtship and chivalry where men valued women and women respected men and both fought to protect each other’s hearts? Was it ever really that way at all or are the grand tales we hear of bold knights and fair maidens just stories of a world we have dreamed of that never existed at all. Even if that be true, why do we not bring about a time of dreams and happy endings. Where there are no games and men and women are true to each other and court each other the way people ought so there will be no hearts and lives damaged by cheating or “players” seeing more than one man/woman at a time. Nothing in relationships burns a heart more than someone being untrue. I know from both sides. Ive heard be the change you want to see in the world and I think it the best way to make anything happen. Stop relying on others or future generations to hopefully do things better and lets fix our culture now. For all the movements made in human rights we still treat each other like toys and animals daily. Its up to us. Lets change a world.

Grace and Peace,



One thought on “Knights and Damsels

  1. You are amazing. There need to be more people like you in the world

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