Bruce Jenner, Caitlyn Jenner and Change

The most backward point of view I have noticed regarding the transgender lifestyle is that the choice to have surgery itself is in direct opposition to the statement most use to defend such an action. “They are just being who they really are”. Such a beautiful sentiment everyone should embrace!…but when you go out of your way, paying thousands on thousands of dollars to change everything about yourself you cease to uphold the ideal of being proud of who you are. You spit in the face of plus size models who are lovely women, you belittle even the people in the homosexual community who hold the pride parades, whether or not you realize it. Maybe some people truly believe in their heart of hearts that they are fundamentally flawed and have to fix it. Why not encourage them to be proud of who they are as a man, a father, a husband, and an inspiration to others just as they are. Will people still want to hide and change themselves if we stop telling them they’re broken? We are all broken. Believe what you want. Thats the beauty of free will. I believe Jesus really is who he claimed to be, the son of the Creator whom thousands of eyewitnesses saw perform countless documented and undocumented wonders. If you really want to say something to Bruce, or Caitlyn, or whatever anyone chooses to call themselves, say Jesus was real, and He really did amazing things because, “Since the children have flesh and blood, he too shared in their humanity so that by his death he might destroy him who holds the power of death—that is ‘the devil’—and FREE those who all their lives were held in slavery by their fear of death.” Hebrews 2:14,15

Let people live how they want, it is not my purpose or yours to control others. Our only purpose is to be messengers of truth and life to the lost, the hungry and alone. Read the Word to someone, more importantly read what Jesus himself said in all the scriptures and then think about what you are doing to those people who need the True Love, and ask yourself if you are showing it. Pointing at others and spouting what you or I may or may not see as a flaw is not love. Point at Jesus instead. He is love. I am a messenger, not a teacher or a prophet. Just as none of you are teachers of the Word. We are learners. We are lovers. We are brothers and sisters. We are presenters of truth. Nothing more, nothing less. What others choose to do with the truth is up to them.



Sometimes, we must fight battles that seem to have no end. No outcome that will satisfy. Some battles we do not want to fight, but others want them to continue. Some battles cannot be won, and when they are over, we look around at all the senseless bloodshed and think, “Why?” What purpose has this accomplished? But fight we must, until the clouds part and the rain stops. Some battles consume every ounce of our strength and still demand more. More. More, and more still. Some battles we want to close our eyes through and pray that once we open them all of it was a bad, bad dream. Some battles are necessary, some are not. Some battles are just, some are unjust. Some are deserved, some, to quote a cliche, are “beating a dead horse.” Why must battles continue when there is no more cause to fight? When there is no victory to be had? Let it go. Let the battle end. Just stop the fight and let peace descend. Let wounds begin to mend and loved ones savor their families, and mourn their losses. Fight while you must, know when to stop fighting and walk away from the battlefield. I have learned much about fighting for what you love and what you believe. Sometimes, it requires far more wisdom and courage to know when to stop fighting. Let the battle end. I want to go on without the shadows looming over me. I want to look up and feel the sun dance on my face and the wind as it skips across my skin. I crave peace, gasping for breath enough to stand while arrows rain and cries ring out. Let it go, stop the fight. I will walk away from the field with my head high and my heart light in remembrance of days before darkness rushed in to consume. No looking back, no regrets, no fight left. Just peace. Please.

Fight no more