Gathering dust

Do not leave behind Love, to chase after lust. Love is a rock, a foundation to build and learn, lust is empty; a hollow shell of dust and smoke, once caught, lust crumbles and you stand, covered in filth, alone.

If love has been left, find it again. Lessons are proven learned when we lead our hearts to a place of healing. Leave the dry ash of lust where it lay, blown away to collect on some other unguarded temple.


We can lust after many things, not all of them sexually. We lust after money, power, women, men, cars, houses, and anything else we do not have. The “grass is always greener on the other side” syndrome afflicts us all in some form or other. But we have been tricked, the grass only appears greener on the other side, as though a veil is between us and the adjacent pasture to hinder our vision and cause us to wander. A field is truly greener where we water and care for it. It flourishes where we spend time and effort to ensure its well-being. Just like in Colorado, US where there is no grass that is manicured in the wild, when left to the elements, abandoned, grass dies and withers into the arid, rocky soil. Eventually discarded lawns appear as only a shadow of the beauty they once held. Yet any lawn yearns for a gardener. Every blade thirsting for the smallest bit of attention to bring forth new life. Better than before.

From the failures of the past do we learn to provide what is needed for healthy and lush growth. Have I lost you? Still talking about love over here, I like this metaphor. Maybe some weeds need to be pulled or new seeds sown to produce fruit in your lawn. Maybe you are wandering in the desert looking for a home to begin anew, perhaps you had a lawn and the veil between pastures pulled you in and swallowed you whole. Perhaps that veil is easier escaped than you think. It is all up to you.


Double Check

Where do you look to make decisions?  Do you follow your own heart and what you want, or do you take the advice of others and not think twice, even if the advice is not up to your standard, your moral code? Do you seek the Lord’s counsel in what you believe you want and learn instead what He wants from you? Look far ahead and be aware of what is around you. A field of butterflies at first glance, may turn out to be a den of snakes on closer inspection. Tread wisely. Where is your heart leading you? Where is God leading you? If fear is your guide, then God is not. Walk in courage and truth. Don’t sell yourself for a pittance. You are worth more than you can ever know. Be true to who you want to be deep inside and soon, you won’t have to look so deep to find yourself.

Grace and Peace,