Thoughts (chapter 5)

That moment when you notice you’ve got a lot of growing to do is usually the best moment to start. Putting things off is never a good idea because so much can happen in the time it takes for us to get ready for something. Distractions and new opportunities or setbacks can occur when we set things aside. When you have that moment of clarity, of courage when all your energy and spirit is driving you to take the plunge into something you may have been postponing or running from, do it. Allowing time to pass can steal your nerve and make you miss your chance at something great.
Dont get me wrong, this is different than taking a moment to pray and think or plan ahead. Sizing up a situation is wise before making any rash decisions, but sometimes we think too much and fear comes flooding back and before we know it, our revelation has faded and the feeling of joy and the rush of excitement when taking a huge step forward is merely a shadow of a memory.

If you feel that tug way down deep to make a bold move, do it. Take the leap of faith before fear snuffs out the fire. What are you waiting for?

Grace and Peace,



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