Get to Knowing!

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I have thought of writing a bit on this topic before but have not gotten around to it til now for whatever reason. I was in a class this evening and we were discussing how people make choices.

I believe we see our actions through sifferent lenses at different points in time during our various situations among our myriad of surroundings. Its hard to remain objective about such subjective questions. What questions?

“Who am i?”

and my favorite ponderance to direct and maintain my mind’s focus on the goal …

“Who do I want to be?”

I have been pondering on ways to keep myself accountable to, well, me for a while now. One way I have noticed keeps me straigjt and they may help yoi learn about yourself and what you want or do not want is to sit down and write out boundary lines you do not want to cross. Especially with relationships. This works with diets, study or work habits, or millions of other goals we set or habits we want to create or break as well.

So who are you? What are you willing to do for those you care about, or even strangers. What is too much? Set your boundaries and be assertive if someone gets too close to the line you have drawn. Make sure your spouse, bf or gf, friends you party with, family you eat too much with, or anyone else who you come in contact with KNOW YOUR BOUNDARIES. Then if the line is neared, it will be that much easier for you to stay solid on your beliefs or values or what have you. You may be thinking, “C’mon fella, it is not that simple!” Why not? Setting and keeping boundaries really is that easy. It is all a matter of perspective. How strong we perceive ourselves to be is probably one of the biggest issues that causes us to give in. Letting other people’s perception of what is better for you or them in that moment can make you unsure, and in the confusion, it is easier to fail. Make your boundary line the foundation for a wall no army can penetrate. The people who see you hold the wall will have so much more respect for you, they will learn pushing against that wall is pointless and perhaps you will even inspire a few to do the same! Some may not appreciate your self control and will continue pushing your boundaries and tempting you to break. Do not let them redraw your line. I believe in you.  Be assertive, think, pray, meditate or skip rocks or whatever you do, but do it with intention and focus. Figure out your boundaries and you will be one step closer to the man or woman you want to be. Who are you?

Share this if you think I’m not crazy…and for everyone else who isn’t my mom, please like and share anyway because it makes me feel good 🙂 Thanks!

Grace and Peace,



2 thoughts on “Get to Knowing!

  1. goOd stuff keep it up!

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