The Ones

People are one in a million, turns out there are billions so one in a million isn’t as rare

As the ones who stick it out and prove that they care.

The ones who stay up and talk all night just to help keep us sane through our joy and our plight.

The ones who follow and the ones who will lead, the ones who would not hesitate if the moment came to bleed.

The ones who are worth it will stand and be strong, and if we fall down they won’t give up, no matter how long.

They will help us back to our feet at our worst, even if we begin to believe we be cursed.

The ones who value their lives with me, the ones who live on when they’re gone with the breeze.

The ones who will live, laugh, cry, love and share; every momentous and minuscule piece of my life and theirs;

 Our souls laid bare.

The ones who are willing to come rest with me, when life is rough and huge as a tree.

The ones I don’t mind driving hours to see, and the ones who don’t mind doing as much for me.

They are the ones who are worth it,

to me.


Be worth it to someone today


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