Thoughts Chapter 4: Can’t Sleep Version

Unfortunately we never get it quite right. People in general. That’s why relationships aren’t easy. Just worth it when you’re with the right person. “But I’m not feelin it right now…” Yeah that happens in every relationship. Its a choice to continue or move on that makes or breaks the greats. Is he worth it? Is she? What are you looking for? The person you fall in love with won’t be completely the same in 5 years. Just because you aren’t feelin him/her right now doesn’t mean you won’t be later. And just because you like someone in the beginning doesn’t mean you’ll like them later either. That’s why we must look for qualities like integrity and respect and honesty and trust instead of faces or quirks. Even good qualities evolve and change as time progresses. Its not going to be sunshine and roses all the time. If you’re looking for that,  you’ll have a very long string of very short relationships.

Now, let’s see if I can get some sleep.

Grace and Peace,



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