Hey Grandma,

I can’t tell you how much I miss you. I’ve been away awhile and don’t write or call like I should, but I think about you everyday and see you in the little moments. I hear you telling me you’re proud of me. I think about all the hugs and kisses and Christmas mornings in your living room by the fire when Grandpa was making breakfast and we didn’t want to wait for presents anymore. I know you love us all and have always been an amazing person full of love and have given me more joy than you could ever know. You mean the world to me!
I hope your days are smiles and nights are restful and that I can see you again soon and hopefully make you laugh a little and maybe even bring you One/One billionth of the peace and comfort you have given to all of your children and grandchildren over the years. Now you have a great-grandchild who will be blessed to know you and grow up loving you just like we did.
I miss you Grandma and I’m praying for you constantly. Be happy til I get home!

So much love,


my grandma had a stroke last week. We are raising money to help renovate her house so she may go enjoy her home again. We are building ramps and putting in rails and many other things. For all the details or to make a donation, however small or large, please click this link and support my grandmother as you would your own. She is an amazing woman.

Thank you from all of my family


2 thoughts on “Grandma

  1. I printed this and will take it to her. I know it will bring joy to her and motivate her to continue to improve. What a loving heart you have. We are both proud of you. [?]

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