If Only

If only it made a difference.
If only I could show you.
If only you had done this sooner.
If only you miss me like I miss you.
If only I had the chance.
If only you tried.
If only you would come after me.
If only you hadn’t hurt me.
If only that hadn’t happened.
If only I were stronger.
If only I hadn’t…
If only…if only…if only

Many times we hit walls in life. Insurmountable obstacles which impede our progress and knock us back on our rears. Often we look up at this impossible situation and give up while thinking some sentence that begins “if only…” and ends with “then I could…”. I am tired of “if only” and “what if”. Things happen, people change,  people change again, and life goes on with or without us. If you see something you want, go get it because the next turn of the Earth may take it from you. Work hard, love fully, let people you care about know what they mean to you and don’t ever waste time when you finally know what you want. Savor the moments, create precious memories and cherish true love when it arrives. Dont take her for granted, don’t make him wait forever, don’t neglect romance because you’re comfortable with someone. Never make her feel like she’s in competition with anyone for your attention. Don’t break her heart,  don’t hold on to mistakes and grudges.

Rafiki from Disney’s “The Lion king” said to Simba when asked why he popped him with a staff, “It doesn’t matter, its in the past.”  Simba replied, “yeah but it still hurts.” To which Rafiki then said, “yes the past can hurt. But you can either run from it, or (pause for dramatic effect) learn from it.” ***Spoiler alert*** Simba went home to fix his mistakes and stop running. He found everything had changed in his time away. Evil had come in and destroyed everything he cared about. He learned a great deal about himself and how to be the leader he was meant to be. Simba discovered that no matter what’s happened, no matter how bad things look from a distance, when we make the choice to push on and fight the impossible, miraculous and beautiful restoration can happen. Simba was able to rebuild his home and save his loved ones from the darkness that tried to consume his world all because he stopped thinking of all the if only’s in the way, let go of his past, stopped running, and did what was necessary to be where he wanted to be; home.

I love you

Grace and Peace,



One thought on “If Only

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