Journal entry #2

What do I do? Long have I moved through time and space with no real goal in mind. I feel faced with decisions to make about what needs to happen now. Where do I want to be 5 years from now? Where do I want to be 1 year from now? I wasted much time last year doing not much of anything. This year is different for me. Different in every single way imaginable. Mostly better, though some is worse. I pray for you every day still. I pray for peace and that you will see the glory of the Lord in your life. I pray I will also. I pray for your heart to be soft and your mind to be fresh everyday. That humility and courage will course through you and pour out in your community wherever you may be. I pray I use wisdom and courage to make my decisions and that no fear of failure or rejection get in the way to dissuade me.

When I think about who I was last year at this time, I am encouraged to see how far I have come. Thankful I am for people who pushed me to be better and do more. Grateful am I for opportunities granted and even opportunities missed because my eyes are open wide in search of new ones. Praise God.

I think I know who I want to be. I know what I want to do finally. I love performing and playing pretend. So I am working on an acting career. Hopefully I can sing a little better everyday also and someday soon will be able to write out my thoughts in song for you and not just on internet “paper”. Here’s looking at you kid šŸ˜‰

Grace and Peace


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