Goodnight Prayer

First of all, I wish you the sweetest of dreams tonight.


Father, you know me better than anyone. Better even than I do. You know my confusions and frustrations, joys and passions and thoughts I have yet to think. Guide me in your will, let my head not be turned either to the left nor the right. May my focus be on you and all you are and all you will accomplish in and through me. May I remember always that I am not the main character in my own story. You are the main character of this life. My life is lived in service to you. I pray for those who read this tonight, those who may be thinking about me, and those who do not know I exist, be in their hearts tonight as they sleep. When they wake, be a praise on their lips and a song in their chest. May the world see we are yours by how much we love one another tomorrow. Goodnight Abba, thank you for the joys today brought, along with the thoughts I stress over. Will you take these burdens from me? Glory and honor to you Master, in all things, in the sweet name of Jesus our savior.

Bon nuit


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