Thoughts (chapter 3)

Someone once told me ‘being a great guy is not enough’. That got me thinking, “What makes a great guy?” More specifically, what makes ME a great guy? I obviously could not have been a great guy if it was not enough, right?

         I have considered this often since then, what qualities make someone “great”. Is it looks, study habits, work ethic, talents, money, morals, etc…After writing Be the One You Seek I thought on this even more often which inspired me to write Work, My Turn, Thoughts and Thoughts (Chapter 2) . In all my pondering (which is still whirring on incessantly) I have come to some semblance of a vague speculation which may be just one possible conclusion. True faith in Christ and sincere, passionate thirst for wisdom and truth in Him is what makes any one of us great and is the most desirable quality I have ever seen in people. Men and women may have great deeds and actions but they fade and blow away. Faith without action is dead so to be truly great, faith and love must be seen and heard. It is not enough to say you believe something. Prove it! It is not enough to think yourself compassionate, courageous or strong. Prove it! I cannot be great without great deeds and having no deeds at all makes me even less. It makes me a liar. So they were absolutely right in telling me that I am a great guy but it is not enough, because in truth, I have been allowing greatness to pass me by while thinking I was doing alright. The glorious truth is, it is never to late 🙂 Sure some decisions and chosen paths take us away from opportunities, but there will always be new chances, great deeds that need to be done. Why not start now? Someone has to stand up, what happens if it is me, or you? What will happen if it is not? The only way to know for sure is to do everything you do to the absolute best of your ability and give the rest to the Master. Watch what God does with your skills and abilities He gave you. I see now that we can pray all we want for guidance and opportunities, but if I do not start moving in the direction He points, I will just be stuck in the same spot forever.

Now, it is time to get to work.


Grace and Peace,



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