New Day

Today I interview with the Art Director’s club of Denver for Student board member Chair. Thing is, I am not sure if I will continue being a student for much longer. With all the changes and surprises lately, God may have a whole other road for me to travel. I am very excited about the possibilities and opportunities before me  and cannot wait to see what comes next.
What do you do when faced with tough decisions? I am so ready for a new phase of life to spread out before me. Have you ever felt that way? Something I just realized, though, is that every single second is an entirely new phase. Writing this instead of sleeping in or playing a video game could lead to something amazing but is, in itself, a new time where instead of doing the same thing over and over again, I chose to do something great. Make every decision count and if something scares you, that is even more reason to do it, IF the option is a righteous one or is not sinful nor will it cause another to sin. Get me? Writing on a blog may not be a world changing event, but then again, maybe it will be…

Grace and Peace



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