Have you ever wondered what someone was thinking and wanted to ask them, but could not for some reason? Have you ever wanted to just sit and have a conversation with an old friend you miss simply to hear their voice and see there expressions again? I definitely have. There are some I miss dearly. Who is a person whose thoughts you miss sharing? What would you share with them? Some people in our lives are so easy to talk to. You know those friends who have lost touch but who are still so much a part of you. There are some people you wish were still physically next to you in your walk of life to share your joy and pain with, seeking each others counsel, and finding out what they have learned on your time separated. I love those people. They are special. They are important to you. They are people who have changed your life forever. I love life changers. I NEED life changers. Those are the friends worth having. Well, the ones who want to see us be our best. For me, its people who want to lift me up in Christ and who counsel me in truth and wisdom. Who love unconditionally and never give up on me. Some people change our lives NOT for the better, because we let them. They usually seem harmless enough at first, then you look up and suddenly you are in the Valley of the Shadow of Death, trying not to fear and hoping to escape the evil around you, looking for what happened to get you there. Keep your eyes open, and be cautious when you give someone your hand to lead you or walk beside you. Make sure you watch where they place there feet. Is the Good Shepherd the “light unto their path”? Sometimes, people we think are awesome take our hand then, suddenly without warning, their face changes to something sinister, usually without us noticing until we look up from the valley and see them laughing, fangs bared. Take care friends, take care of your friends, make sure your friends want to take care of you.

I have been blessed with discernment, no this is not a matter of pride. I take no credit for the gifts given me by my Abba. (That means Daddy, I am referring to God) I see what many do not, especially in matters of the heart and character. I think most of us know who we can and cannot trust but most of the time, we want to ignore that inner voice thinking, “But they seem so cool!” or “Look how pretty/handsome they are!” Let not the masks worn by wolves trick you into thinking they are sheep.

What an amazing master we serve! The way Jesus instructed us to pray in Matthew 6:9-13 is to call God “Abba”! That opens my eyes to a whole new relationship. I am a mere child, walking hand in hand with my daddy, complete faith that He will not let me fall or be taken from Him. My daddy protects me with His life, Daddy tells me who I can trust and who I cannot. He saved me from myself by giving Himself. Thanks Daddy. I can never be grateful enough or repay You, but You did it anyway, because I am not just any child. I am Your child. I serve because I am grateful, because I want Daddy to be proud of me. Do we not all seek the praise of our fathers? Focus on Praising THE father instead.

We are often lead astray by the wrong friends, who encourage me to make wrong decisions. Every one of us has run off the narrow path for some reason or other. Stay alert, test those you think you can trust. Ask Daddy, then obey Him! Test them and their advice or leadership with the Word.

“Whoever loves discipline loves knowledge, but whoever hates correction is stupid.” Proverbs 12:1 God only gives us instruction and correction to protect us because He loves us so much. He hurts when we fall and scrape our knees. He waits endlessly with a beacon to show us the way when we get lost. When someone makes us cry, Daddy is angry with them and wants to comfort us. Daddy wants us to be happy and to love Him. He gives us amazing gifts, we should use them properly, to His glory. Remember it is never too late to go Home.

Wow this has become completely different from what I started writing…meh, that’s cool.

Matthew 10:16 “Behold I am sending you out as sheep in the midst of wolves, so be shrewd as serpents, and innocent as doves.”

Guard your hearts from the wolves. Share your thoughts with trustworthy friends. Brothers and sisters in Christ, watch each others backs. Jesus was betrayed with a kiss, after all.

Much love to all of you



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