Love is a small thing, yet it brings even the hardiest of men to their knees when they face it, causes the most independent of women to lean. It bows the sturdiest of backs before its gentle face. Love is enormous. Love is more than a feeling in your stomach when looking into the eyes of a person. Love desires action, requires action. Love is more than hearing a voice or seeing a glimpse and falling apart every time. Love upholds good. Love sees bad, yet overlooks it. Love believes where hope fails. Love strengthens and weakens simultaneously. Love mends hearts, bridges gaps, uplifts souls, encourages minds and fills us with inspiration. Love is not quenched. It is only covered. Love burns through the thickest covering more than any fire through any fuel, brighter, hotter than any other state of being. Lust cannot compare. Greed holds no candle to loves flame. Sadness, bitterness, anger, these cannot douse the passion Love brings. Love is more than butterflies and good feelings. Love is greater than mistakes. Love is mightier than man, woman or beast. Love is more delicate than a sparrows wing yet it continues to fly through the mightiest of storms. Love is intrinsically sought after, mostly misunderstood, tragically abused, brazenly betrayed, unfortunately ignored and internally fought. Love is seldom found, often missed, always there.

Love is patient,

Love is kind,

Love does not envy,

Love does not boast,

Love is not proud,

Love does not dishonor others,

Love is not self-seeking,

Love is not easily angered,

Love keeps no record of wrongs,

Love does not delight in evil, but rejoices in truth,

Love always Protects

Love always Trusts

Love always Hopes

Love always Perseveres.

Love Never Fails.

To us is given Strength, Hope and Love. But the greatest of these is…




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