Sometimes, we must fight battles that seem to have no end. No outcome that will satisfy. Some battles we do not want to fight, but others want them to continue. Some battles cannot be won, and when they are over, we look around at all the senseless bloodshed and think, “Why?” What purpose has this accomplished? But fight we must, until the clouds part and the rain stops. Some battles consume every ounce of our strength and still demand more. More. More, and more still. Some battles we want to close our eyes through and pray that once we open them all of it was a bad, bad dream. Some battles are necessary, some are not. Some battles are just, some are unjust. Some are deserved, some, to quote a cliche, are “beating a dead horse.” Why must battles continue when there is no more cause to fight? When there is no victory to be had? Let it go. Let the battle end. Just stop the fight and let peace descend. Let wounds begin to mend and loved ones savor their families, and mourn their losses. Fight while you must, know when to stop fighting and walk away from the battlefield. I have learned much about fighting for what you love and what you believe. Sometimes, it requires far more wisdom and courage to know when to stop fighting. Let the battle end. I want to go on without the shadows looming over me. I want to look up and feel the sun dance on my face and the wind as it skips across my skin. I crave peace, gasping for breath enough to stand while arrows rain and cries ring out. Let it go, stop the fight. I will walk away from the field with my head high and my heart light in remembrance of days before darkness rushed in to consume. No looking back, no regrets, no fight left. Just peace. Please.

Fight no more



2 thoughts on “Fight

  1. I’m confused though. Don’t they say never stop fighting for the thing you love? You are saying the opposite though

    • Indeed many do. But what is fighting for the thing you love? I am sorry Jenny, I do not intend to mislead, sometimes the thing you love does not want your love, does not want you to fight for it. Then it seems we are only setting traps for ourselves to fall into and pushing them farther away. You never have to stop loving, but sometimes, we blindly fight our way to the edge of a cliff. It is then, unless I am mistaken, we must drop our weapons and surrender. Is it not better to stop the fight if you have fought so hard that suddenly the only thing you are battling against IS what you love? What do I do when what I love does not want me to fight? Do you believe it better to drop my own sword, or be impaled by my own sword? They want nothing from me, so fighting hurts everyone. No matter how much we want to hold on, sometimes, people want us to let go. If I do not honor that, they may grow to hate me. Truly fighting for what you love, I believe, means doing whatever it takes for them to find victory, or more than victory, real happiness and peace. Even if I must lay down arms, turn, and leap over the cliff myself.
      What do you think?

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