No Regrets

What does it mean to have no regrets? To really not regret anything? What is in the past, is in the past. There is nothing you or I can do to change it. People say the past does not matter, they must be trippin’. The past matters a great deal. My past has shaped the man I am today. Accept your past, good or bad. Make decisions in this moment you will not hate yourself for in the next moment. Dwelling will only bring bitterness and clouded judgement. Let wounds heal. The best way I see to live with no regrets, is make decisions today I know I will not hate myself for tomorrow. I am a flame setting the world on fya til the day I die. Mistakes happen, learn from them and move forward. Avoid similar mistakes now. I believe in you. Be true to yourself. Listen to that still, small voice deep inside when you have a choice before you.

“Live life like there is no tomorrow”, right? Why? Chances are, you will wake up tomorrow. Even if you do not, why make decisions you know hurt your tomorrow, tonight? Live life like you will not have another chance to share real love with anyone again. Live like you want your tomorrow to be amazing. Live life like you want to make those you care about know you care about them and want them to be proud of you. Like you want to be proud of yourself. Live life like everyone is watching. I am not living for today, I am living for my future. Keep the end goal in sight and you may truly have no regrets. One of my favorite artists, Lecrae says it pretty well in his song, “No Regrets” from his album, Gravity. Here’s a link to the vid on YouTube…
Go check it out, maybe buy the song or album on itunes here……after listening, answer this question in the comments below and share this post to see what your friends think about living with no regrets

What does living with no regrets mean to you?


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