A word used far too seldom in our current times. Why? Is the thought of having a purpose beyond our own designs to unnerving for most? What are we meant to do? What purpose is designed for us? I think often on this subject of late. What is my destiny? I do not know. I know that i will help people with the abilities and skills i was born with and have learned throughout my life. But this answer still begs more answers. Why was I born now and not two or three hundred years ago? Why America? Why to my family and not someone else’s? Questions i believe have a basically simple answer. Because.
Confused? I was born here and now simply because this brain, this body, these feelings and desires I possess have a destiny that simply could not come to fruition in any other place or time. I was made for today, to accomplish things only possible in this time period. What is this destiny? For all my pondering and reflecting and seeking answers I still do not know. Destiny will find me when it is time for me to know.

So, what do we do in the meantime? Live. Have fun, work hard, find friends and even make enemies. Experience Joy, feel pain, find love and heartache. Live and help others experience joy and love and happiness. Make the people’s lives we come in contact a little better. Be a friend to everyone who needs one. Which just happens to be everyone. One can never have too many friends. Then when we get to the end of our journey, in our last breaths before closing our eyes on Earth forever, we hopefully look back on our lives and wonder what it was all for. What was my destiny? Hopefully we will realize that our destiny wasn’t a goal that seemed ever-unobtainable. It was in fact, our life. Our destiny is our experience and legacy we leave. Not a future that we always look forward to. I don’t think i realized that until just now actually. Writing this. I hope my destiny is to leave a positive mark on the lives of those i meet. Whether they be friends, enemies, passersby or lasting acquaintances. Maybe part of our destiny is determined for us but the choices we make still determine the outcome.It’s up to us to make the best of the circumstances destiny throws at us. Maybe that’s it. Maybe destiny is what happens to us and we are responsible for determining how we react to that fate. Maybe each choice determines a different destiny for our life. New choices we didn’t have before we made the last one. I like the thought of that. Our choices shape our destiny. Perhaps destiny is a word little used because people do not really understand its meaning or are afraid to think about it. Destiny is an important part of life though, whether we understand that or not is irrelevant. People, think about your destiny. Think about your legacy. Maybe if more of us do that, our destiny will be to make the world we were destined to live in a better place, with a better destiny 🙂


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